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We have over 30 years experience in the bookkeeping and income tax field.  We have been located in Las Cruces for over 20 years.  We offer a full bookkeeping service which allows you time to concentrate on running your business.  You are not paying late charges and penalties because you missed a filing date.  Our professional staff is trained to help you with your needs at a reasonable rate and all information is confidential as provided by the law. 

Betty Zwilling is the owner of the company with her daughter Kari.  Betty has over 30 years experience with various types of businesses both large and small which has provided a working knowledge of most types of businesses. 

Kari Ward has extensive experience in merchandising and computer designs.  Her  working knowledge  of  the software allows for updating forms and at the same time allows us to offer an additional service to our clients. 

We are always ready to take on a new challenge as a learning experience.  We feel that it is only through knowledge that growth can take place.


2900 Hillrise Drive

Las Cruces, New Mexico  88001

(575) 524-1151    Fax (575) 524-7582
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