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Payroll Services

Nothing makes an employee happier than their paycheck……… 
Payroll Services include

·       Check Calculation

·       Printing Payroll checks

·       Journal Summary

·       Federal & State Unemployment Reports

·       New Hire Reports

·       Workers’ Compensation Report

·       W-2’s

·      1099’s

Our payroll service is competitively priced and is time sensitive to your particular needs.  We make sure everything is completed on time and correctly.   

This is how it works: 

          Every pay period just send us your employees’ hours and any payroll changes.  Send the W-4 for any new employee with their rate of pay, and we do the rest. 

bulletEmployee’s check is calculated
bulletPayroll check is produced or the information is available on a stub for the employee
bulletYou are provided each pay period with a summary of the employees information and payroll total.
bulletYou can pick up the paychecks or we will deliver them to you
bulletWe can fax you the employee’s check information if you are writing the check
bulletTax deposit information is provided either weekly or monthly depending on your requirements.
bulletAll quarterly reports are prepared, checks can be written if you choose and made ready for your signature and mailing.

At the end of the year, we will process all W-2’s and 1099’s that you require. 

We can also provide you with customized reports that you may need.  Here is a list of some, but many others can be provided if you should have a need for them: 


Benefit Tracking


Check History


Class Tracking


Deposit Liability




Job Tracking


Payroll Detail Analysis


We are ready to work for you and what you require to make your business flow smoothly.


2900 Hillrise Drive

Las Cruces, New Mexico  88001

(575) 524-1151    Fax (575) 524-7582
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