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My Favorite Catalogs

Agua Viva Seed Ranch - Taos, New Mexico
B&D Lilies and Snow Lake Creek Daylily Gardens - Over twenty years of shipping lily bulbs across North America has given this company track records of many cultivars. Because of this, you will find only the most reliable cultivars of Oriental, Trumpet and Aurelian bulbs offered for shipping this spring, plus a wide selection of dayliy plants.
Burpee - Free Catalog
Cooks Garden - Heirloom Vegetables, recipes
Dysdale Seed Company - seeds of every sort, many rare and unusual seeds, fun seeds, 95% can be grown in containers. Lots of interesting stuff and fun too!
Dutch Gardens - Free Catalog, excellent bulbs, excellent prices, a personal favorite
Gardeners Supply Co - Garden supplies, equipment, greenhouses, plant foods
Jackson and Perkins - Free catalog, seeds and perennials - Excellent
King's Mum's - Excellent quality Chrysanthemums.
Logees Greenhouses - Free Catalog, huge assortment of bedding plants at delightful prices, a delightful collection of herbs and sages, even sages that bloom in the winter, one of my personal favorites
Old Heirloom Garden Roses - Cat $5, many color photos. Lots of gorgeous old-style roses old & new, and all on their own roots. Recommended.
Park Seed - Free Catalog, a very nice variety and well presented
Seeds of Change - Free Catalog, organic seeds, foods, gardening supplies, gift
Shepards Garden Seeds - Free Catalog, excellent vegetables, flowers, a personal favorite
Thompson-Morgan - Free Catalog, my personal favorite
Van Bourgondien - Free catalog, excellent selection of hosta's (I've had wonderful success with their hosta's)
White Flower Farms - A truly magnificent web site and catalog

These companies aren't currently represented on the WWW but they have excellent catalogs!


2902 Rufina Street Santa Fe, NM 87505-2929


Comments: Excellent quality plants. Beautiful pictures and descriptions. Many, many xeriscape plants along with ideas and tips on how and where to grow them. Also included are plants that are easily adapted to an arid environment with extra water, plants that are attracted to hummingbirds, etc. This catalog is an excellent resource and a delight to use.

Quality: Excellent Price: $$$ but worth it Service: Excellent Variety: Excellent

The Fragrant Path

P.O. Box 328 Fort Calhoun, Nebraska 68023

Comments: Catalog $2.00. This catalog carries a huge variety of fragrant plant seeds. Many that I haven't seed in any other catalog. Most of the flower seed packets are $1.50 and the herb seed packets are $1.00. I've had tremendous success with their seeds and I urge you to order their catalog. Quality: Excellent Price: Excellent Service: Excellent Variety: Excellent

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