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Caribbean Underwater Gallery III - Scuba diving on Caribbean sites

Caribbean Underwater Gallery I - Caribbean marine fish portraits

Indo-Pacific Underwater Gallery III - Soft corals from Fiji and the Coral Sea

Indo-Pacific Underwater Gallery I - Portraits of anemone fish from Fiji and Australia

Caribbean Underwater Gallery V - Caribbean marine invertebrates of caves and walls

Caribbean Underwater Gallery II - Marine sponges of deeper water

Indo-Pacific Underwater Gallery III - Soft corals from Fiji and the Coral Sea

Caribbean Underwater Gallery IV - Caribbean marine invertebrates

Gallery of marine life of San Pedro Nolasco Island in the Sea of Cortez

Islas Galapagos Nature Gallery

Organ Mountains Gallery IV - Organ Mountain wildflowers

Organ Mountains Gallery III - Organ Mountain cactus flowers

Organ Mountains Gallery I - Spring and summer landscapes in the Organ Mountains of New Mexico

Organ Mountains Gallery II - Winter landscapes from the Organ Mountains of New Mexico

Welcome to Ramblin' Cameras, Walt and Mimi Miller's underwater, scenic, and nature photography web site. The 700+ full-scale images are topically arranged in 42 galleries, each provided with a thumbnail index linking to larger format images. The 220+ underwater images are featured in fifteen Galleries; Five Caribbean galleries, seven Indo-Pacific galleries, a Galápagos underwater gallery, and a gallery of underwater photographs from San Pedro Nolasco Island in the Sea of Cortez not far from Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico.

Scenic and nature photographs in a desert environment are featured in fourteen galleries: six from the Organ Mountains of New Mexico, seven galleries showing the touch of El Niño on the deserts of the American Southwest and Baja California, and a nature gallery from Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. Scenic and nature images from the high country are displayed in eight galleries: five from the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, and three from the Canadian Rockies.

Included also are a Galápagos nature gallery, a gallery of exotic cacti, two galleries featuring hot air balloons, taken at White Sands National Monument during the annual Balloon Invitational, and a Guest Gallery of images from Russia featuring photographs of Egor and Lori Degtiarev. We also on occasion display images of various kinds that seem to offer something unusual. These are collected in a gallery of Featured Images. Please be patient with the slightly slower load times for some of the images from these galleries. Maintaining detail in images portraying large expanses of wildflowers requires larger file sizes.

Images will be continually updated , the last update occurring 25 May 2004 (1), Earlier updates are: 18 February 2004 (1), (2), 8 February, 2004 (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7).

Our choice of images is based on past response in slide shows, lectures, and print exhibits. The site is optimized for viewing with Netscape Communicator 4.0+ or Internet Explorer 4.0+ at a resolution of 1024x768. To minimize load time, each image is individually reduced through JPEG, and will average 80 kilobytes for vertical format, 125 kilobytes for horizontal. The display size for larger scale images is as large as allowable for view without scrolling. The display size, color depth, and resolution are chosen to be a compromise between load time and image fidelity. Contemporary Internet Explorer users may improve viewing and convenience in moving through the site by pressing the F11 button on your keyboard.

Those using the America Online (AOL) Browser may experience problems with image quality arising from lossy compression schemes introduced to speed downloads. These schemes drastically reduce image quality, and distort and replace colors, and are turned on by default. We suggest that before vewing the images on this site, do the following: (1) Go to the AOL menu, and click on (Members > Preferences). (2) Click on the WWW button. (3) Select the (Web Graphics) tab. (4) Uncheck (Use Compressed Graphics). To return to the AOL lossy compression schemes, Perform (1) through (3), then re-check (Use Compressed Graphics).

Except when otherwise noted, all images displayed are under Copyright © 1997-2004 to WBM Enterprises, with all rights reserved. Return visitors may note that many images have been updated to take advantage of the greater potential available in modern scanning and processing technology; and general faster computer response.

For us, this web site is a small celebration of the beauty and transience of the natural world. We have nothing to sell. If you should find an image or so that pleases you, our purpose has been fulfilled. If, as we do, you also enjoy nature's changing spectacle, drop us an e-mail. We would certainly enjoy hearing from you.

Our thanks, Walt and Mimi Miller

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Red algae at Grand Prismatic Spring, in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
This image was chosen for permanent display at the American Museum of Natural History
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