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Living in the high desert presents the gardener with challenges that can make family and friends wonder at their sanity for continuing their efforts. The rewards for those efforts are well worth any extra effort. This page is dedicated to presenting hints that can help minimise those challenges as well as information that can spur the gardener toward new challenges. Gardening is my
passion. The purpose of this web page is to allow me to share that passion. It is important to me that you find this information useful. Finally I am catching up on my web page. You are welcome to contribute articles or suggest topics.

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From recent news reports much of the Southern United States will be experiencing droughts this year. Atlanta as well as Albuquerque has already established water rationing. There are ways to maintain healthy vegetables and flowers with wise use of water. It broke my heart last summer to see plants in pots die in Southern Arkansas and Eastern Texas simply because didn't water them. Water rationing means that the gardener needs to practice water conservation techniques that desert gardeners have been developing. Those techniques will be presented here.

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Check out the Moosey's Country Garden under the updated gardening links. This is truly a dream garden. Also under gardening links are many more sites for desert gardens, succulents, and cactus gardening. The Botanical Gardens sections has some great new additions. Did you know there is a cactus Garden in Germany? More and more graphic designers are using a floral theme. I have added some great sites in the Graphis area. Still can't find too much on cactus graphics.

I have been to Master Gardener Training in Albuquerque and I have taken numerous biology and botany courses at University of New Mexico. I love growing flowers and vegetables, the more unusual the
better. Practising water conservation and using plants that like growing with sandy, alkaline soil is a
necessity. However, a bit of fudging with those conditions by improving the soil and lowering the pH can stretch the variety of plants that can be grown. The secret to my successful gardens is compost.

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